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Ok first post and well what better place to start off!

So first thing first I'm in the market for a F658 or a F800, I won't start a debate here on which one I should be getting but I might end up with a F800 just due to the lack of any F658s available.

So the first question is where are all the used bikes? (P.s. I'm a Canuck) I thought you all would but up to the R12s by now just dying to pass your farkled rides on to a new rider like me .

Second question. How much should I worry about picking up a used F800 out of its shoddy Canadian warranty? I plan on checking the VIN with the dealership to hopefully get the proper DL on what work has and hasn't been done but both bikes I'm looking at are first run F8s (2008) with I hope not too many problems. Am I best off just replacing the rear hub, sprockets, chain, ad nauseum or were there just a small percentage that ended up with those problems?

Thanks for the advice in advance. I've been on here weeks just reading, so as to try to keep the stupid to a minimum but I think I might stick to posting here for a bit.
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