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Originally Posted by KraigD View Post
I went with the 04 because I think the 02 to 06 1150 GSA are the most reliable and easy to work on..
Really? On the 1150, the clutch output splines (female) and the transmission input splined shaft (male) did not connect all the way through. The input shaft was a tad short, and over time, this wears out the splines and you loose the connection to the tranny. This is a known issue which left a friend of mine stranded - at 40,000 km - 3 states away from home. Even though the bike was out of warranty, bmw eventually offered to pay for the parts and my buddy paid for the labor for this design flaw. Someone on this site was selling, in the Vendors forum, a replacement input shaft that was longer and mated all the way through into the clutch output shaft

Here's one old thread among many on this issue:

In another 10,000 miles you might want to split the bike in half to have a look and to lubricate the clutch output splines.

The final drive on the other hand is a known issue.. the crown bearing tends to go prematurely. Park the bike on the center stand and hold the wheel at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and rock it side to side to see if there's any play.. Sadly, it's all part of the "character" of the 1150GS. I wish you the best of luck with your GS.. whatever floats your boat.. when it breaks, fix it and carry on!! Not every bike is for everyone.. choice is great and we're getting more choices for ADV bikes!
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