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Back on the road - Day 6

Dog of the Day

Dean Sez:

We left Xilitla before 10am and headed south west on hwy 120.The mountain road was a very pleasant ride through lush green trees of hard woods, pines and tropical trees depending on the elevation of the road. It is quite amazing to see the mountain sides that are under cultivation, whether it be coffee plantations or corn fields. We saw several logging yards where the logs were being loaded by hand onto trucks. With two logs ramping from the ground to the rear of the truck bed, two men would use lever pikes to walk the logs up in the truck and then up the pile already on the truck. As we climbed in elevation we saw more indigenous people going about their daily lives, herding livestock, gathering fire wood, or attending to road side stands of food or handicrafts for sale. Some long hair and long tail hogs tethered near the road were interesting to see.

[As we were heading toward Jalpan I spotted an interesting church in Landa de Matamoros so I drove in to look at it. A couple from Mexico were touring missions and shared their map of missions with us, That’s how we found our lunch stop – cwc]

This nice seņorita ended up giving us a map of mission locations.

Our lunch stop occurred in the mission town of Conca, we ate across from the mission at an open air metal roof restaurant where the seņora would pat out and cook up your tortillas when you ordered a gordita or a taco. I had one refried bean filled, one pepper & potato filled, and one cactus filled soft tortilla. The chairs and table we ate at we're all hand hewn, sturdy and older than Fido. Really hit the spot for lunch. An ice cream sandwich for dessert was a cool treat.

We left Jalpan on hwy 120 west bound, 65 miles up and over the most beautiful mountain terrain on a well maintained road. Charlie said some of the forested areas were part of a biosphere reserve. The overall riding experience on hwy 120, is far superior to the "Dragon" in North Carolina. As on hwy 120 there were the most amazing vistas across ranges of mountains and vast spreading valleys.
The hotel Las Vegas here in Cadereyta is homey and clean, with a price of $22.50 for two beds and two people.
We split up for supper to suit tastes. I had a hamburger and delicious fries for $2.40.
Today we did about 160 miles.The DR 650 delivered 61.6 mpg for the last 333 miles.

Today was probably the most scenic and enjoyable ride of the trip. Hoping for more days like today in the ones that follow.

Track info

Our last night in Xilitla I spent some time plotting a route that would take us to San Miguel Allende and Guanajuato without going through Queretaro. The GPS and Guia Roji indicated that there might be a paved road that ran 15-20 miles above Queretaro and Google Maps more or less confirmed it. This was of some importance as some of the group was not comfortable on dirt roads. Tomorrow we’ll test my work.

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