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For me, the shock boots can do more harm than good. If you ride the bike hard, cooling of the shock is a big and important issue. Running the shock at elevated temperatures will at best, increase the need for service. Shielding the shock from rocks and debris is a good thing but the shocks are designed to be able to operate in really severe conditions, that is why the shocks are designed with the shaft scrapers and other design features. Keep in mind that our primary goal in designing a seal head is to keep the fluid in the shock with keeping the outside world from getting in being the important secondary consideration. If your running a shock under dirty, hard conditions, more frequent services are called for.

advronski, back to your seal life issue, there is no way for us to really say what is going on and environmental issues can not be ignored. You will want to pay very close attention to the installation procedures of the seals into the seal head and pack the seal assembly with special grease. We use an arbor press and special driver tools for installing the lip seal and shaft scraper. The shock shaft should be straight, free from dings or pits, not be scored or overly glazed and preferably have a fine cross hatch surface finish. We check the shaft on a surface plate and inspect it using magnification. If those criteria are met and seal life is still poor, there can be problems with the seal head part. Most of the newer WP shocks use a lip type seal as opposed to an o-ring or quad-ring type design and for that reason, less sensitive to internal surface finishes. We had a shock here (a RaceTech brand shock) that had been bottomed so hard (apparently) that the seal head machined part distorted and new seal would not hold up. Inspect the Garlock bushing for scoring or other damage that may point to other problems. Shredded Tefflon from the bushing can be stringy and cause a seal leak.
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