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Originally Posted by ryan0708 View Post
Hello guys,
I am Ryan from Brazil.
I was a big duacti freak for long time and I moved to this country two years ago, and it changed many things.
I love ducatis but I don't like tracks. Road conditions are very poor and the price is crazy high here.
So, I bought a GS1200 which is my first other brand than ducati.
Wow, I only had it for three months but I can say this bike is crazy.
It does beautiful jobs on commute, short curvy roads and long distance.
It does everything I want, just like my favorite ducati "monster s4rs".
When I had s4rs, I couldn't keep second bike because it felt like wasting money because monster could do anything whatever this second bike does.
Right now, GS is giving me same problem. I like to have two totally different bike to enjoy both bikes for long time and get to appreciate both bikes for what they are built for.
GS is a modern bike with very complicated technology to me. So I want to have a very simple classic bike next to GS.
I am thinking about Bonneville T100 or Vespa GTV300. They are about same price.
Both these bikes are classic and simple. But again, GS does pretty much everything they do.
What would you choose between these two bikes?
Having a big motor Monster and a 1200 GS makes for a good, well-rounded riding experience. I still like tracks but I love off roading. Have fun with the GS. I've taken both my Monster and GS to the track and they both fared well.
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