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Originally Posted by wiseanhyzer View Post
Check out the transcript from an interview he did with Sports Illustrated in September. It's long but worth reading.

Draw your own conclusion. I personally think there is no way Te'o isn't completely full of shit. The detail he goes into about his "girlfriend" in the hospital, how they met, etc. There is no way he was the victim of the hoax.
Here is the thing I really don't get, why would he do it? I mean he already lost his grandmother, why would he need more sympathy than that. I mean I can draw a line and say, yeah, I could see him trying to make himself into some kind of great man who overcame great adversity but it still makes no sense.

If you are going to put yourself out in the spotlight like that you better know that someone is eventually going to find out. And that is why I honestly think he was just duped into believing this girl was real, and did in fact die.

Is it odd that they never met face to face, yes, is it even more odd that they never skyped, absolutely. The fact that he has never seen this girl makes it one of the oddest stories I have ever heard.

I am just not convinced on the motivation on his part. Why would he do it? Better question, did he really think no one would find out?
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