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Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
Your statement lacks info such as how many miles on tire at that point in it's life

Originally Posted by [B
blackx70]I replaced the tire
No one has included mileage numbers(except me in two posts), wear pattern info. Just whether they had a smooth ride with Dyna beads or not.

& if it was worn in a way that it was still concentric & also was it worn evenly vs. say scalloped or chicken stripped or worn on one side more than other-all which are common & expected- sorry to say that your scenario doesn't add information as to wheel balance issues.

His scenario was as good if not better than others who have posted. I'm sure if someone experienced weird tire wear they would have mentioned it. To me a smooth ride=even wear...(at least that's how I see my tires wearing) unless the tire is screwed up from the factory.

Not a reproach just saying nothing added to the conversation here.
FWIW, if the assy was in balance w/o weights it seems likely that after much use the tire would be worn unevenly or maybe the weights caused it to "become" concentric/in balance? You also don't say why the weights were removed?
Uh, maybe to have a "fresh" start on his "new-to-him" bike? Just like changing oil, cleaning the air filter, checking the tires, tire pressure, grease zrek fittings, checking the chain and all the other items folks usually check, tweak, when they buy a bike, car, whatever. I fI was putting a new tire on a rim, I'd sure start from scratch instead of with a bunch of weights on the rim, wouldn't you?

Even though I worked in a tire plant

Funny how one misused word sets people off. OK, I should have said "made" instead of "formed in the mold". Better?

Using industry specific terms doesn't add anything to the conversation. Just sayin...

Hand made, machine made, don't know, don't really care as long as they are usable when I buy them.
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