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Originally Posted by Turkeycreek View Post
Thanks for the links but I don't have the original key or the code and the dealer in AZ told me to bring in the bike (not possible) or the cylinder (on my desk at the moment) to fit the blank. He said they can't tell from the VIN. I checked the web sites and there is no magic to determining the correct blank, you have to have the code. So the cylinder will cross the border back to the USA for the day next week.

This has been such a long drawn out process to get the bike from Colorado to Sonora (I bought it in April) but I can see the bike running soon.
sorry i didn't your post on the previous page...yea i don't think you will have much luck with the VIN...they will probably have to take the ignition apart and then order the blank based on that...there are 6 possible blanks...i'm no locksmith but could you go to a place that has iilco keys and buy one of each of the following keys and try sticking each of them into one of the locks (i suggest the helmet lock) and just not twist them to determine which blank it is?...then just return the ones that don't fit?...the problem is that C & E are similar and D & F are similar...the center groove in the C & D keys is wider than the E & F keys...either way you would still need a locksmith to make the key so you may as well just have them do it

yh46 x120
yh47 x119
yh48 x117
yh49 x118

left is the wrong blank, middle is the correct blank and right is the original

left is original and right is new key

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