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Originally Posted by gstt500 View Post
I try to make it to bike night at least once a month during the season so I'll look for you there, I usually ride the wee there and once in a while my old KLR.
It'll be kind of tough for you getting a new bike this time of year and not being able to ride much till Spring, I generally spend my winters spending money on maintenance and farkling and dreaming about the rest of the year just riding. Last winter though I made it a point to ride every month and because of our wierd weather I did it without getting any salt on the bike.
I don't know if you have checked out the stromtroopers site yet, theres a lot of good info there. Sounds like the stock crash bars add some vibration to the bike, don't know about the aftermarket brands. Thats one thing I haven't bought yet but will do more research when the time comes.
Just did a 16 hour turn and burn down to Illinois to Nielson Enterprises. Huge selection. Two DL650 in stock with one on the showroom floor. They sold me the one they just un-crated. So my wee's birthday was yesterday. A friend of mine went with me since I just worked a 12 hour night shift and took off for the border. Long story short, papers signed, bike loaded within half hour. This white on black is very flattering although it looks more like a sport bike with long legs. Very happy with it. Took it for a short ride around the parking lot since it was 20 F. Now tucked in the garage. Rolled out of bed to fresh blanket of snow so no ride in the near future.
Thanks for the advise of Stromtroopers. I have lurked in their site but did not become a member yet. I have been searching through this site to get a less biased opinion of the wee. BTW I park right above the bike night hangout, so when I leave work on Wednesdays I have to admire all the two wheel eye candy. Will be fun to participate. Here is a couple first pics of my bike. The one I'm seating on is still in the showroom. Trying to figure out how to upload images from my computer or phone. Will need to read first. Images will follow.
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