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There I was...

...minding my own business changing my front sprocket to a 13 tooth. I'm tightening it up and the effing head of the effing bolt broke off. Stunned silence, shock, WTF do I do now? I fight the overwhelming urge to throw the stupid effing torque wrench through the wall, choke back some vomit and walk into the house.
My buddy Mark, plumber and fixer of buggered valves, busted nuts, rusted whaddya call its and all round handy dude, happened to come over and talked me down off the ledge and told me an easy out will work fine to remove the remains of the bolt from the counter shaft. He was right,it worked great, spun the bolt right outta there. I went a bought another bolt from my local dealer and I'm back in business.

Interestingly enough the dealer I spoke to told me it happens all the time. The Canadian Tire easy out kit is the best thing on the planet!

Now, if I could just get my bloody signal lights to work properly again...

I like bikes...
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