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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Listened to that Miller interview, what a blow hard. Name dropping water carrier.

It's all about perspectives... and who's corner you are holding the towel and spit bottle for... isn't it?

I expect a guy that wants to win to think he's the best in the field, if you don't you're just another wannabe..."Just want to finish." I think that might be one of the key points where VW management might look at things differently than yourself and the RG faithful.

Nasser said in this years rally that he is a better driver than Robby, he wasn't even behind the wheel when his car got towed in for the final time. Aha, I see the problem, your using Nasser as your yardstick...?

Doesn't Robby have more stage wins than Miller ever thought about having?
Possibly...? I'm not sure... at a quick guesstimate I would think that Mark has more top 5 stage placings than Robby... the stats will show what approach gives the best results/podiums of the two...?

So to round off/bow out, maybe I will just put up the notion that there are two schools of thought or approaches in the (global) world of offroad racing... the traditional euro "Dakar" cross country rally school of thought... and the old school USofA "SCORE/Baja" offroad racing school of thought...

The former is full of politics, tactics, semantics intrigue and carefully laid strategies... the latter is full of high tech "go hard or go home" foot to the firewall racing (which I love as well... don't get me wrong). Both have pro's both have con's, both have their place in the world.

Miller seems to have understood an embraced the "euro" train of thought and meets them at their own game... Robby seems hell bent on taking the US approach and meeting them head on with it.

How successful each has been with their respective Dakar careers is for them (and perhaps their respective fans) to decide for themselves...

I'll just leave you with this... there is more than one way to skin a cat.
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