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I would plan on getting the bike and riding it for a time to see what your needs are. You may find it needs nothing for the way you use it. After all it's a great bike. I'd put good gear and comfort items first and then add other stuff as needed. Some Roc straps and a Dry Bag work well for that once a year big trip.
Shop for a bike that is well farkle, and remember these bikes will run for a long time if maintained (get the paperwork). So a bike with 25k or more miles is just starting to run in.
For me a non factory exhaust system would be very far down on any list I made, less mpg, more sound and less low end, but very cool looking !
there have been several '10 to'12 models in the flea market, with a few farkles to boot for a good price. You can build the bike the way you want not the way somebody built it for themselves. Ergonomics was most important for me, you gotta be comfortable.
You will not need any stinking noisy exhaust as it sounds great/plenty loud with the newer motor and exhaust valve and has plenty of power as it is stock.
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