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Just looked at Powder River's website. Those bags so look good, and for $160 ... that's a good price as well. But while they say the company is in South Dakota, they don't say where the bags themselves are actually made. Do you know?
The Power River Bags are solid. Our friend Shep had them made in China I think... He could have made them built here and all it would have taken was more money...thus they would cost you more then $ its all what you want. Price point or pride.

Like anything else, you can F### them up if you wreck or run into stuff like a tree branch, but the design and materials are solid and easily field repaired when needed if you come prepared. I tried to use mine without racks on my 2008 KLR, but they got to hot on the right hand muffler Racks are a necessity not an option, but that gave me room to create the tool it worked out.

PS, the top bags a few of us use are from MAD Rock Climbing Gear. they are Drag Bags also from China or somewhere like that.

If they are still available...get one. Add a cam strap to attach it to your KLR factory rack. Cheap, solid and dependable. Mine has been thousands of miles on the back of my Triumph Sprint ST as well as multiple trips and wrecks with the KLR. I keep my sleeping/tent kit all in there as well as have room for my gerbings liner when its warm and a few other odds and ends that get thrown in as the tour progresses.
Riding the KLR is a great distraction from running Sylvan Rocks Climbing School...but any way you look at it.....Life is Good.
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