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So I'm planning a ride the week of my birthday this year, which is April 12th. It's a Friday which is perfect. I plan to work Monday of that week, then head west toward Colorado. The end goal is to be at the summit of Pikes Peak around mid-day Friday. Then, head back east and into my cubicle Tuesday morning. Google says 1,344 Miles, 20 hours 22 minutes. (400 miles/day roughly...youch)

From watching Rally I've always wanted to ride this road and see the sights. I've never been to CO also, which helps.

Suggestions & input welcome...I'd also love to have some comrades along the way if you're up for it.
Matt- I can tell you've never been to Colorado.

It is very unlikely that you will ride to 14,000 feet in Colorado in April. April in the Rockies is WINTER. May in the Rockies is STILL WINTER. Early June above treeline is kind of Spring in a WINTERY way. The day time temps will be getting warmer, but the snow will persist and new storms up high will still be snow, not rain.

Even out on the plains at 5,000-6,000 feet you have a very good chance of being caught in a winter storm until about mid May.

Elevation is everything, the 'regular 4 seasons calendar' does not apply.

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