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Wider will steer harder. Narrow will steer easier but will be less stable in turns toward sidecar. More wheel lead will steer harder but be more stable in turns away from the sidecar. V Stroms have very soft supensions from the factory. Anti swaybars make a lot of difference in stability in both left and right turns even with stock shocks. Stock gearing oin stroms is quite high. . Stock steering is not too bad although a front end mod does help a lot. Moving the front wheel forward using different trees will lower ground clearance unless fork extensions are utilized. . Leading legs can retain ground clearance if built right. With a leading link you can set ground clearance to whatever you wish up front and still reduce trail. Stock ground clearance is minimal on stroms anyhow. A good subframe is a necessity. We typically do not like to go less than 48" on track width nor less than 9" of wheel lead depending on other faqctors.

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