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Got my Ohlinís installed but not without a few setbacks. This upgrade was for my '07 GSA 1200 Adventurer which I purchased used with 3600 miles. The previous owner was a big guy and replaced the front only with the Elka system. After pricing a replacement spring (softer) and purchasing a new rear Elka to match the front I decided to shop around. That's when I read about the TTX's. I was lurking on Vendor forum and notice a group buy through Kyle Racing. The discount was 20% plus no 2013 price increase of 5%. The price shipped was $1900. That's lots o beer money, but I'm excited to give them a test ride this weekend.
For the front install you have to move the tank back to get to the top shock mount, remove lower crash bars, and belt cover. Then with the bike on the stand and the front wheel in a vise I jacked up the motor until I could remove the old shock. Since the new shock didn't come with hardware itís assumed you have existing stock hardware. Wrong, Elka has a 10 mm x 1.5 threaded head stud and stock BMW is 10mm x 1.25. Sure enough I convinced myself it was just a tight thread and proceeded to tighten the upper nut about 1/8". Just enough to x#!^ up the thread. So I called Dan at Kyle and he promptly had Ohlinís send out a replacement stud at NO charge. Thanks Dan and Ohlinís. I was wondering why an aftermarket company would not stay with the standard pitch thread. Oh well.
So I got my new stub and replace it very carefully. Had to heat up the stud and upper mount and use jam nuts to remove because of thread locker. Another setback was the lower Torx 10MM x 50mm. Again the previous owner reassembled using a complete tube of RED Loctite. It was on the entire 50mm length. So by the time I got the bolt out it was time to replace. Thanks BMW $11.50 each but it comes with the Loctite already applied. So all is back together and on to the rear.
Remove the seats, the muffler, pannier rack, aftermarket mud sling if you have one. After that is was pretty quick, except for the cleaning of all the parts before reassemble. Tonight I am planning on doing all the measurements and adjustments. If the freezing fog let up I will do a shakedown ride.
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