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Thread title caught my eye, as I seem to have trouble with BMW centerstands, too... my son and I bought an XS650 (Yamaha) and, though he doesn't want the centerstand permanently, I have used it alot in the bike build/rebuild... and it has what has been described ^ above: a tang that I stand on while I pull back, and ....zippedeedooooda it pops onto the stand. Something about the leverage of standing on that tang while I pull back, and it goes very very nicely. Unlike my 60/6, my 100/7 and now my 80ST.....

This photo shows the tang, which is big, beefy, and it actually WORKS. It tucks up quite neatly under the exhausts, and leaves the tang hanging out to where it can be pushed down easily, and stood upon with all of my 164.3#....

Tucked away:

Might have to fab up something similar for the BMW, after seeing how much easier this Japanese-engineered rig is.......
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