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Originally Posted by tdrrally View Post
i have been thinking about putting the shock on the center line of the bike in stead of of to one side

the lower shock mount would be in front of the rear wheel

That makes for a very short lever from swingarm pivot to shock mount, which equals high wheel travel for a given amount of shock stroke. Not impossible to do, but would require a pretty stout spring, and a stiffer spring is harder to damp well.

The main reason I chose to copy the GS design was the ease of finding a baseline. I could buy a good aftermarket shock and know that I would be close right off the bat.

Believe me, it's enough work just getting everything fabricated, fitted, in alignment, and soundly welded. You don't need to add design, engineering, and R&D to all of that. Or at least I didn't in my small shop with my skillset and budget.

Not trying to discourage you, I just know how big my task became once it moved from paper to metal.
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