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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
lol. My point was... who knows when they'll actually start selling them? 3/13 or "spring" were the estimates I saw.

But they do look good. I have 2/3 of an Anakee2 and a whole TKC to burn through and then.....maybe a Karoo3 test.
The pics I saw make 'em look like an Anakee 2 on steroids. Deep grooves, but numerous blocks. Not a nobbley look alike anymore. They look like they should wear longer while still providing decent off tarmac traction, just remember that they are not a nobbie. You know?

The new Anakee just doesn't look as "off the tarmac" capable as the old one. I have several thousand on the Anakee 2, and have never found them wanting on what I ride. Then new ones, leave me a bit put off. BUT, then there is the new Karoo, so I'm good again!!!
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