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I figure I may as well post a picture of my set-up. I am still working on a wireless turn signal set-up which should be done soon. If I have a trail clearing expedition this spring I can carry a chainsaw where the rifle case is mounted which ultizes the same Kolpin mounting bracket.

I experienced a flat tire on the first outing, and have since installed a motorcross front tire and a 4mm thick tube. The wheel bearings were the next items to go. Not too shabby given they have seen over 10,000K now. Getting the bearings out was a chore, and I actually ended up destroying the original axles with the hydraulic press, so I machined a new set.

I bashed holes right through the original Action Packer in short order and have since replaced it with a pelican case. Its hard to see, but I have a bash bar protecting the leading edge of the Pelican case from boulders etc.

The Husaberg pulled this around for a good part of hunting season as my daily driver is a Jetta. I did manage to find 2 deer!

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