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Zapped it

Well my fuel strip went faulty on my 09 GSA last month and I couldn't handle the Yellow warning light any more so I decided to replace the fuel strip. Well that was until BMW in Australia put a price of $285 on it (part only, installation extra). After looking at the threads here, zapping it was definitely an option, but I am too chicken to do it whilst it was still in the tank. We pulled the tank off, drained it and eventually worked out how to get the Fuel Strip out. Checked the Fuel strip with a multimeter and sure enough - an open circuit. Out with the lighter and a few zaps later, multimeter shows 3.4k - hmm that's better.

Put the Fuel Strip back in, reinstalled the tank, put the fuel back in, started the bike - and - a yellow warning lamp - "FUEL" - bugger!!!! Had another look back in the threads and "maybe it just takes a while". Had a cuppa tea, stated the bike - no change. Ignition off - restart - same same.

Let's check the Fault Status, maybe we need to reset it. Out comes the GS911, ignition on - What's that???? No yellow light, no fuel alarm - hmmmmm. Checked the GS911, no fault code, started the bike, whooo hoo 2 fuel bars and no alarm.

yehhhh - it works. Put he bike back together and off to the servo - filled it up and whoo hoo, full tank showing on the gauge.

Lets see how long it lasts........
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