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Here is my '77 250B a few months back when I bought it. Complete and original except for the front fender and front number plate. Tank has some dents and fading but it still has all the factory stickers in place so I will run it like it is. Speedo and odometer work and show 1600+ miles. Judging by the holes in each knob and lack of scrapes, it was ice raced by a previous owner. The last owner bought it in a package buy and knew nothing about it or the 75% complete '79 250N I got in the deal.

I have since rebuilt the engine and gear box,replaced the bars w/ a set of FLY vintage MX,replaced the throttle w/ a Motion Pro CR,replaced the side covers with new repro's,replaced the front fender with a Preston Petty Mudder, hung Progressive dual rate shocks on the back, installed Race Tech Gold Valve cartridge emulators and fork springs up front and then shod it w/ a set of Bridgestones: M203S front/M204S rear.
Been riding it @ some local trails and have to say that it is a damn fun bike to ride. I'm gonna race it in place of my '73 Tri TR5T in some regional HS's and enduros and in AHRMA CC this year.
"The world does not need another restored bike."
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