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I went through this once before with progressive. They totaled my bike and offered a very reasonable by back which I should have taken but decided against. The reason being is I didn't want a salvage title pure and simple. If I went through the cost and effort to rebuild the bike I didn't want to have that much money in a pristine bike with a salvage title.

However if it was an Adventure bike that had a good chance of hitting the dirt there is no way I wouldn't buy it back in a heart beat. If I were in your shoes I would do a complete tear down drill and Ty wrap all the plastic I could and rebuild an offroad warrior out of it!

If by chance they do total it please post the buy back price and offer it up to one of us before letting them take it. Also remember this accident will be recorded on the title with will reduce the resale value. You should also be getting compensation for that.
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