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Originally Posted by soloyosh View Post
My Robby opinion has evolved over the years.

2000: I used to manage an indoor kart track in Orange called Dromo1 while I was in school. Robby's shop was just down the street.

Robby rented the place for his dad's birthday. In the final race dad was on poll Robby started in back. RG picked his way through the field and came up on his dad in turn one. RG used his dads kart to slow for the turn and punted dad into the tires. The kart flipped launching dad over the tires. Everyone stopped but RG. I had to shut his kart down from the tower. I was not impressed. The owner, Larry, was tripping over himself to kiss any racer ass that came through the door. I got reamed by the owner for shutting RG's kart off.

Fast forward to 2010: We moved in to our house here in Havasu. After meeting the neighbors, we found out they were the grandparents of RGs son. I went to many parties and chatted with him quite a bit. Even had that Dakar support truck behemoth blocking my driveway. Watching how patient he was with his boy, my opinion evolved. He's just a talented guy trying to make a living. He seemed to have matured a bit himself since the Dromo1 days.

I'm not quite a leg-humper, but I am a fan.

Yeah, I worked in Orange through the '00's and Robby had a local rep as a hot head from a number of stories.
We've all matured since then, I hope.
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