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Originally Posted by Chromer View Post
A few days back he was interviewed and mentioned that his trainers wanted him to do a warm-down once he got off the stage.

I'm not sure how much value that has after a 200km liason, but there it is...

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Actually quite a bit. I've been doing similar stuff, just been a bad boy lately and fell out of the habit...

Originally Posted by drgunther View Post
According to himself that regimen is something he and his physiotherapist came up with in order to preserve his leg muscles. He admitted that it probably looked a bit weird, but it's the best way for the leg muscles to wind down so that they can perform on a top level the next day again.
Originally Posted by too old View Post
Yes, these top guys are athletes, there is no question of that.

Not " sportsmen" like the snooker and darts but true athletes

Fully programmed fitness training regimes - it might only ultimately prove a couple of minutes, but it's now coming to that!

CDP and a few others have cycling related activities as serious hobbies and would be competing on bikes or in triathlons if they weren't fortunate enough to be where they are
This is pretty much standard practice in SX/MX and a good majority of the GNCC/enduro types are either using some sort of cycling to warm-up/cool-down or at least train. The idea is to keep the body from collapsing, going from on/off like that does some hard stuff to the body.
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