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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Not exactly, in order to navagate, you need navagatable maps from any one. The GPS is not mind reader it needs maps why is that a Garmin problem?
Fair enough. I guess I'm just frustrated (a number of other stresses coming out on this).

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Most people use the small screen GPS for shorter dirt rides and use Tracks instead of routes. No routable map required.
And that is precisely what I'm using it for. Only problem is that I have a specific route I wanted to take in Death Valley, and it would either be hunt around and find the correct track on the varying websites that have them, or just create my own in my spare time. Obviously I chose the wrong way.

So getting back to navigable maps, where are some sources other than Garmin for that? If I were to just get a decent portion of the Western US, I'm looking at over $400, from Garmin and that seems a bit steep.
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