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Originally Posted by ultane View Post
Many of us have used the Anakee's and Anakee 2's, and love them. I have NEVER heard of them referred to NUMB, or act like a grease pencil. I have used every bit of the tread, and they were extremely stable from sidewall to sidewall.. In rain, there is no better tire IMHO.

Yeah! Tires a personal preference item, IMO. I ride sportbikes as well as my GSA. The term "numb" comes from the tire loosing grip and sliding without being able to predict it. If you've ever pushed a Michelin tire hard enough to make it slide, you would understand the term numb. It just goes blank. After they get hot enough, they tend to slide all over the place and lack any feedback to the rider. I've had the Anakee 2's consistently sliding in turns without giving my anything in the way of feel.
I ran it until it was spent and replaced it with the BW501. You should try one sometime.
Riding a street bike on variable and unpredictable surfaces requires a tire that won't turn into a greasy and unpredictable POS.
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