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So I talked to my mechanic and he seemed flummoxed as to what it could be and what to do next. I've almost resigned myself to a bottom end leak once it gets nice and hot (30 minutes or so) but until I find a way to test that and until I get my top end gaskets so I can check the piston ring end gap, I figured I'd check some other things.

I went and talked to the guys that did the rebore for a second opinion. He came back at me with some basic things: dirty fuel, check air filter, go RICH one notch on the needle, and dig into the left hand side of the engine and look for leaks/weeping/anything like that. He said if it's leaking on the otherside I'd know, (blowing smoke, fouling plugs, etc)

So this is far as I got today:

The filter looks fine to me. It's one of those paper ones. It seems clean, though it felt a little grimey/oily, is that normal?

I took apart the carb and float bowl to see how clean it was. There was a tiny bit of matter in the bowl but the fuel was otherwise clean. Here it is sans fuel. Thoughts?

Next stop was going richer one notch on the needle. I struggled to get this apart with any grace since I've never been into the carby before. Nevertheless it is apart, VERY apart.

I did find that the needle was already on the second to bottom clip which meant going richer will put me on the bottom? What does this mean? Adjustments across the carb?

Also, this half circle washer thingy on the left. What is it? It kind of popped out on me and I can't figure exactly how and where it goes. From what I witnessed it was on top of the slide below or above the bottom of the spring? Any advice on that one.

This is my first carb experience. Feeling a little

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