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Originally Posted by nuggets View Post
I generally take the mirrors off for off road riding. They are easy to remove and install without tools.

Also, one of the first things I did when I got my bike is to make sure that the controls are a little loose on the bars. You want them snug enough so that they will not move during normal use, but will move in a crash. You should be able to move the controls if you grip them firmly with your hand. That will save your levers and perches from some crashes.

I also do not understand the need for crash bars. The bike crashes very well. Biggest issue in crashes is the forks getting twisted in the triple clamps.
The biggest issue with dropping an XT, especially if you stall it and are not moving is that the mirrors will break the perch, which on the right side is part of the master cylinder. Continuously removing and reinstalling the mirrors will probably eventually strip the aluminum threads in the perch. I bought a used dual sport once that had stripped threads in both perches. I epoxied them in place and fortunately never dropped it. I also have cut down brake and clutch levers to help prevent damage in a tip over.
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