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Originally Posted by Spark01 View Post
sounds like the speed idle motor setting in that other mapping is different?. just compair the idle speed setting.

by the way a tps voltage of 0.68v is quite high, this should be between 0,55-0.65v when the engine is warm (according 2011 ktm smt/smr manual) so optimal setting is 0.6v when the engine is warm
If you're talking about the map idle settings, these are the same. Even if they were different that would not cause this high idle.. afaik.

Yes, the tps voltage is quite high but it's the only setting where the idling works ok. Tried many values, believe me, many values, from 0,45 up to 0,8 , this is the best it could do. On my 950 had it set to 0,6 flat and it ran like a dream. this one is acting like a bitch...
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