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Originally Posted by TINK View Post
I did some more reaserch and it looks like I do need two wedges, one on each side. Checked the bike this morning and no wedge in either side, just the one I have on the bench. Ordered a used wedge off ebay for $14, pricey, but worth it to me for the piece of mind that the controls are not going to auto-rotate on me one day as I'm riding down the road. The good thing is that I'm using proper 22mm bars and not 7/8" - C20: Chrome Flanders BMW R90S Bar (Magura style 478-46300).

Duane's not quite right on that one--my 1975 /6 does not take a perch wedge, and I understand later models may only need a wedge on one side. Make sure both perches have room for the wedge--this one does not:

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