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I put Michelin Pilot Road 3's on my new -12 last year. Did a test ride on a -12 demo bike before, enough to know the Bstones hadn't changed anywhere. Couldn't be happier, for tarmac the difference is night and day, and I can still do a bit of unpaved roads just fine.

Did I mention I dislike its OEM tyres
In reading your comments as to tires being "light years " ahead these days,are you talking about carcass construction,sidewall rubber or tread rubber compounding or tread designs? Don't take this the wrong way at all, but my having worked in tire factory a long time ago vs. now I see lots of hype & not really large changes. I read bike mag article r.e., tires & it's always superficial info. I'd like to see something besides artistic cross-sections of tires in ads, such as real information. The bike mag articles on tires are simply enlarged advertisements.Tire companies have been "playing with" tread rubber compounds for many years & while that may equal improvement I honestly wonder if it is a "like years"/quantum leap? The beads and general basic components,construction seem to be the same as my 1960's & 70's industry experience.
As a long time rider, former SCCA racer,former wrench,etc., I do understand well that some tires are better than others & improved in certain ways. I keep hoping a true tire expert will appear here or my other haunts. I will say that the 2012 Wee OEM tires have a tread that cannot possibly be near optimum for pavement riding, what with the blocky pattern. I test road the bike this summer and while I didn't push it hard it was a fun ride compared to my BMW R1150R bike. Lighter more tossable but a bit less refined in terms of long distance roadability/comfiness at speed. Don't feel reproached , it's just a tire conversation...
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