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Originally Posted by DasMatti View Post
Like every Project of yours, this is amazing.
However, how did you wire the Voltmeter? Obviously Not directly onto the batterie....?

Thanks Matthias.... Thank you for mentioning this. I completely forgot to mention this. When I first installed the two switches ( one for the GPS, and the other for the led driving lights) I wired the gps from the bottom side of the BMW plug. I had spliced into that harness, as it is switched by the ZFE. Just in case the ZFE acted up,I installed the switch, which I rarely use. I simply just tapped into that, so the usb charger and the voltmeter switches off with the ZFE. When I designed it, I first wanted it to be removable, and thought that if I would make more, it could be customized to plug in with a BMW plug, as an option, for easy removal, as some might not want it bloating up there. But then as the prototype started to take place, I thought it flowed very nice with the lines, and as it might interface with a new intake system in a few months..... I wanted to make it permanently.

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