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thanks for the comments

I gave Ted a call the other night, and we talked at great length about his personal experiences with the ohlins shocks and the Yacugar shocks. We even brushed on the reasoning behind him choosing to become a US distributor of Yacugar. Very nice guy, and very honest. Also, about as objective as one could be on the subject of something very personal. Price is a little cheaper than the equivalent Hyperpro offerings.

In the end, after reading and talking to different people, I am convinced that I should go with a single rate spring, and that it appears from all visual indicators that Yacugar and Hyperpro are essentially the same components, with one pushing progressive springs and the latter standard springs (although both can do either).

The one thing now in my mind is...service. Does anyone know who could service Yacugar on the East Coast (preferably the carolinas)? I would like to avoid having to mail the shocks back to Cali every 2 years for rebuilds, but I guess its not much different than having to ship Hyperpros back to NJ.

I think I'm leaning away from the Ohlins. From discussions with Ted, reviewing the Ohlins website (which discusses a TTX redesign on MX shocks that hasnt trickled down to the GS offerings yet), and looking at some flow path diagrams of a Twin tube styled shock, I don't feel it's the right choice for me. I also prefer the preload adjuster mount on the Yac/Pro body.
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