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Originally Posted by htono View Post
Hi and please help me,

My new Scrambler starts at idle, but when cold dies a sudden death whenever 1800 RPM is reached. After it starts warming up the rev limit starts to rise, until at some undetermined point it runs well.
After I stop and the bike cools down for a few minutes it goes through the cycle again. When I use the choke at mid position it will run well for a few seconds near 2000 RPM and then die. If I start it again with the choke at half position it will start and climb revs until it hits 2000 and then dies again. At that point I need to warm it at idle for a sustained period of time.

It started doing it brand new. I bought the bike with an Arrow 2-1 and remapped by dealer. My dealer couldn't replicate the problem, simply re-installed the map and gave it back stating that the bike runs properly.

During the holidays, with the dealership closed for the holidays, the issue started worsening and doing it more and more often. Still, I forged ahead and did multiple mods:

AI, O2, Pod filters, TTP Tune 4 (through TuneECU), Eatern Beaver relay cables, 7" headlight, LED turn signals, Ignition relocation, Hammarhead handlebar, etc.

The bike ran well through the holidays and mods, albeit with the starting issue always present, and gradually worsening.

Today it simply will not get out of the rev limited mode and simply cannot ride the bike.

The dealership is still closed for the holidays.

Tune ECU reports no errors. I've tried (with no success):

1. Remapping
2. Checked MAP hoses
3. Removed gas cap
4. Removed gas tank relief hose
5. Checked fuses

What could it possibly be?

Thanks a lot.

Henrique, the desperate one.
Have you checked the the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) voltage? You can do this in TuneECU. The voltage should be at 0.60 with an acceptable range of 0.58 to 0.62 (though some people on Triumphrat have set it higher).

Some info is here:

Adjust the TPS to 0.60. Then, do an "adaption reset" in TuneECU. Then, perform the adaption procedure with the bike cold (idle the bike for 10 to 15 minutes) until the TPS light in TuneECU turns green.
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