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And that is precisely what I'm using it for. Only problem is that I have a specific route I wanted to take in Death Valley, and it would either be hunt around and find the correct track on the varying websites that have them, or just create my own in my spare time. Obviously I chose the wrong way. .
You may think so, but the use of Tracks over Routes for dirt riding is at least 1,000 to 1. Basically only a couple of guys n this board use Routes for dirt riding. With hand held on dirt bike Tracks are the way to go, with big screen on highway bike, Routes are he way to go.

You can't trust Routes, your GPS will recalculate them every time you open it. Tracks NEVER change, and you don't even need a map under them.

Second point, I have tracks for every legal road in Death Valley on Just start cutting and pasting and you have your tradcs for the day. Even if I didn't them, is so easy to hand draw tracks for some place like Death Valley you could do what ever you want in an hour which is less time than you have spent asking questions here.

If you really want to make life easy, just come on one of my Death Valley rides. 3-day on Feb 16 or 2-day on Mar 9. I will download tracks to your GPS and you go ride. See
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