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good lordy,sh-- just keeps on happening,,,

Originally Posted by AK Smitty View Post
On the road at 830. Took sometime to get across Bucaramanga. It is a damn big city. The ride has lots of trucks but is twisty and scenic enough to keep a rider occupied.

.......I ended up doing over 250 miles which is a pretty big day here. They town I ended up in was simple a place to sleep with secure parking. Lots of trucks! Tomorrow lunch in Santa Marta then head northeast up the coast.

Felt damn good in the am. Close to the coast and most of the straight flats behind me. Some good pics on the way to Santa Marta. That really good feeling was ripped away from me in a split second. Time to re-evaluate and adjust!!


CRASH NUMERO DOS NEAR Santa Marta!!! Bike for sale?!?! Not really a crash, I was hit. No where to go!!
oh my oh my,,hope n pray ya be OK and get to ride another day...holler if ya need help with anything n keep us posted

FYI,,,on another note..just south of you at this very moment another one of our inmates is on his last leg of the Dakar-2013...heading toward the finish line in Santiago,Chile after 14 grueling days of some pretty tough terrain

in case ya need some reference points,,,wonder if all our adventures need some 'pain' tossed in??/ like 'no pain ,no gain' sorta thing,,me i'm done with the pain business,,,and wouldn't wish it on anyone
bottom line ,,hope n pray you get to finish your journey

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