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Hello Gents,about 18 months ago I was fortunate enough to buy this beauty.

As you can see the tanks, and plastics are in very good condition.

Since then I have given it a good clean and have painted a few parts in order to tidy them up and now it is going back together again.

Which brings me to a problem that I have had with the bike. Ever since I got it it has always leaked fuel from the carbs.

Soooo, I took the carbs off to have a look at them. Now, I'm sure that you will be able to spot that the carb that was giving me the trouble is missing something quite important - like the main jet WTF?

And, upon further investigation found that something else was missing. I don't know what it is called so I'll show you what it is. It's this little brass tube (jet?) that my screwdriver is pointing at.

Now, I'm no factory trained mechanic but I'm guessing that these missing parts may be the reason why fuel is pissing out of my bike!

So, my question is what is that missing part called and where can I get one from? Also, I guess that I should be able to order a main jet from a Suzuki dealer or from Stefan Hessler?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks
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