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I understand what you all are saying. I've had the F800 for the last couple years with good results. I find the height a bit inconvenient. I just can't figure why they make the bikes so tall. Well maybe the average european has a 36 inch inseam and that is what BMW uses as a reference. I also find it a little top heavy. When I finish a ride through dirt I feel as though I got lucky.

++++++++++> Like the bike is taking me for a ride not me taking the bike for a ride. <+++++++++++++

I have a Harley softail, one of the big bikes. Believe it or not, it's MUCH easier to ride. It feels less treasoning. You all know the feeling of riding a very small bike? You have complete control to play with the bike. The F800 is kind of like on the other end of the scale. So I agree with the comment that relates a lower CG of the R1200. Of course the weight when getting it up makes it gnarly. Maybe it's just me that wishes I were more proficient on a bike.

As for my riding, it's 10-20% dirt and the rest getting from city to city on long rides. So I sold the F800 and now I'm wondering what to get next. I guess the situation is kind of fun, but with you all's help I'll be able to optimize.
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