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Originally Posted by Gustavo.Ramos View Post
If you're talking about the map idle settings, these are the same. Even if they were different that would not cause this high idle.. afaik.

Yes, the tps voltage is quite high but it's the only setting where the idling works ok. Tried many values, believe me, many values, from 0,45 up to 0,8 , this is the best it could do. On my 950 had it set to 0,6 flat and it ran like a dream. this one is acting like a bitch...

just a long shot, because i know the ecu also uses the map sensors for idle rpm.
and i assume the throttle bodies are properly synched.
maybe there is a rubber booth between the throttle bodies and cylinder a very little bit leaking or the map sensor connection is a bit clogged (at throttle body).
causing this strange behavior??
'10 990SMT
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