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Originally Posted by htono View Post
It started doing it brand new. I bought the bike with an Arrow 2-1 and remapped by dealer. My dealer couldn't replicate the problem, simply re-installed the map and gave it back stating that the bike runs properly.

During the holidays, with the dealership closed for the holidays, the issue started worsening and doing it more and more often. Still, I forged ahead and did multiple mods:

AI, O2, Pod filters, TTP Tune 4 (through TuneECU), Eatern Beaver relay cables, 7" headlight, LED turn signals, Ignition relocation, Hammarhead handlebar, etc.

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So... it had a problem from new, which wasn't resolved to your satisfaction and is getting worse, and you STILL pressed ahead with a shedload of mods!!?? What were you thinking??

Not meaning to sound harsh here, but I wouldn't have gone ahead and done all those mods until I was satisfied that the machine was 'right'. You say yours had an issue from day one, pretty much, but you still couldn't wait to quite possibly void your warranty with mods anyway. With it left as supplied you would have had warranty rights to get it sorted - maybe even extending as far as getting a complete replacement under warranty if the dealer couldn't figure the problem.

If I were in your shoes, I'd now be putting it back to factory stock condition in time for the dealer reopening (do they always have such long winter holidays?) and hoping that Triumph's warranty could get it sorted properly or else replaced.

We can surely eliminate the original tune, airbox/filter, AI or O2 causing this. The cold start is still there, and whatever it interacts with (TPS perhaps?), so could they have an involvement in the problem? I don't know if the cold start actuator just advances the throttle position slightly when pulled - if it does then maybe it could take an incorrectly set TPS (as tvscum suggests checking) outside of limits that the ECU could cope with on a cold engine? Interesting problem to try and get to the bottom of - but I'd still get busy refacilitating the dealer/warranty route ASAP.

Hope you get it sorted anyway, dude - either from some wisdom on the forums or by the dealer under warranty.
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