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FireFox 18 Users Locked Out

I thought I was locked out or Banned for something I said. Apparently it's a glitch with the new updates from Mozilla for FireFox called FireFox 18. Mine is already up to 18.0.1. I had no reply button, no main header, no picture in the Subscribed Threads Window (but I did get the threads, just no picture), I could not start a new thread. All this and probably more.

There's talk about a fix by using a different skin or something wrong with Cookies? I couldn't figure a way around with any of that. What I did is just use Safari for Adv Rider. Maybe the problem will get fixed later but if you have been locked out of Airheads and don't know why, if your FireFox was just recently updated this may be it. Try using a different browser.

We weren't banned.

Now I may get banned for posting this here but I thought that our members needed this info and they may not see it any other place.
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