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Originally Posted by iker View Post
worked as a motorcycle mechanic for 22 years. ( honda, yamaha, bmw, kawa, suzy, and whatever came into the shop.
started in 1980 after retiring from A.F. after 23 years. about 2002 started riding scooters. could'nt throw leg over cycles
anymore. arthitis in hips. have owned,ridden and sold at least 25 scooters since. some of the big ones are as follows;
apirlla alantic 500 - great scot. sold after 2 years and 12000 miles.
bergman 650 - great scot rode it cross country. had it for 16 months. got to heavy too handle for me. 72 then.
bergman 400 ,really liked it , a little heavy , kept it 3 years.
traded 400 for a 2011 vespa 300 super, used 1800 miles. nice scooter, got tired of looks and lack of info, ie trip mileage,
decent side stand and more.
got a new kymco people gti 300, trouble at 300 miles - map sensor went south, dealer fixed. i never felt comfly on this scot. gas mileage was 50-55, top speed only 70mph. much less than other owners ( cortez for one) and dealer couldnt or
wouldnt fix it. no bad engine codes. at 1200 miles - thanks,joe i sold it
now what, traded way overpriced vespa 300. 0n new 2013 bv350. WOW this is it. just turned 2000 miles gas mileage is
70-75, cool. speed so far is indicated 150 kms. gps of 90 mph. this at alt of 4300, me at 230. with a cutdown falco full windshield. i removed that butt stop and use a airhawk. i have ridden 250 mile days with this set up. at 78 i am a happy
camper with this great scooter. there thats my 2 cents worth. see you on the rode, ike

I'm so jazzed at your review Ike. I have a 2006 Vespa GTS 250 which is a great scooter, but I have a BV 350 on order and so does my wife who rides a Vespa GT200.

We'll keep the Vespas, they wont fetch much anyway and we've had some great adventures on them. Sold my dual-sport, and have her dual sport on the market to make room for these. (It's in the flea market on ADV see my sig-line)

Glad to hear your reviews. its seemed like a ground-breaking package since its introduction and I've yet to hear a disparaging word about one. (Well, maybe except for the windshield)

Do keep us posted friend, as will I.
Isn't it past your bedtime?
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