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My friend Asura from Asura Design took pity on me and came to pick me up for a late night dinner and drinks. We ended up at Habana in Costa Mesa. Very cool locale:

Everything went well until the topic of MMA and Martial Arts came up. Take 1 Aikido expert (Asura) and 1 ex-Kickboxing/Shootfighting instructor (me); add gin, vodka, wine, rye and a shiny parking lot and, well, it doesn't take long before theory turns into practice. Frightened customers ran for safety (refusing our invitations to participate); police were called. The intensity of the struggle, leisurely 911 response times and the ability to affect sobriety permitted: 1 cracked rib, 1 thumb fractured, 1 esophagus bruised, 1 shirt destroyed, 1 digestive system turned inside out (twice), 0 arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct (woohoo!) and 1 tap.

Remember that shit I said early on in the R/R about it being the stupid things we remember? That reckless, fearless stupidity is the prerequisite for building the kind of memories that can sustain us until a final sleep rounds our lives? (When it doesn't kill us.) Well, this was one of those examples. Priceless.
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