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Going Mental


How does one come to the decision to just pack/sell/give away everything and just go ride? I’ve read a ton of ride reports of people doing the exact same thing and most make it seem so easy. Obviously there needs to be something deep down inside pushing you away from a normal life or something luring you out to the open road, but we as humans are also hard wired for stability and security. I’ve noticed that there is usually a trigger involved, such as the loss of a career or a family tragedy like Radioman.

My former office.

I definitely have the need to wander, I’ve been an over the road truck driver since 1996 and it gets in your blood. I passed through the last of the lower 48 states by the time I was 22 years old, driven every inch of interstate and a good portion of every U.S. highway in the country, and managed to rack up over 2 million miles without killing myself. That being said… During that time I have always had shelter, a bed, and food and water available 24/7, for the last six years I owned a truck with a shower and toilet.

Earlier in 2012 my trigger arrived. My brilliant, wonderful Brown Gram shuffled off this mortal coil, heart failure. For a significant portion of my life she was the one responsible for making sure to add three times the amount of water to my Similac, the correct amount, than my mother would. Thanks to Brown Gram I’m still quite a ways under three bills and I can even manage to swing my leg, David Lee Roth style, over my Corbin. *30 inch inseam, 32 inch seat height.

Very multi-cultural. Obviously this was during her
U2 phase, but instead of a good stout she's got Corona.

Anyway, my point with this whole thing was that while I really am into doing this perpetual ride, I’m finding a bit difficult to get into the swing of things regarding actual camping. I’m in a hotel in Moncks Corner, SC.

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Edutud fer speling and klarity.

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