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** Sorry, what was the brand name of the bike?**

After the recent repairs, I started riding through Nicaragua towards Costa Rica. At this point of writing, I had done nearly 600km and the bike seems to be running smoothly and without any problems.
On the Nicaraguan side, there seem to be too many police checkpoints. Shmuel Avital, my riding partner for two days decided to accompany me down to the Costa Rican border. Twice we ran into the arms of the waiting police because we were overtaking other vehicles where it was forbidden. In the first instance when we got pulled over, one of the officers asked for my papers and then started writing down my particulars. Though he had all my documents in his hand, he still asked me questions such as, what my name is, and what the vehicle registration number is, and so on and so forth in Spanish. Then there was the next question. What was the brand name of the motorcycle? Since my Spanish isn't that good and hence didn't understand the question right, I paused. Then the police officer repeated the question. The other police officer who was standing next to the bike, took a good look at my bike and gave the answer.
"Cambodia" he said!

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