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Originally Posted by rallyman1978 View Post
And so ends my first completed Dakar on the F5irehose... I've been brought up on rallying since birth (hence the username) and remember seeing Dakar footage as a child but now I'm older I can appreciate what these guys have to go through on rally raids especially the Dakar

Last year I tried to keep up on the F5irehose but Le Camion Balai got me within a couple of days!

This year I was determined to be there in the beginning and read every single post in this epic thread and I've managed it.

I'm fucked, I need sleep, the missus is pissed (but she told me at Christmas she's gonna leave me after 8 years anyway so bollox to her) and when I go back to work the big boss man is gonna spew when he realises that all I've done in the last 2 weeks is F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 I probably owe them a new keyboard I figure

As for the race itself:

Despres? True Alien - sits back analysing for a bit, has to square away some mechanical issues on his own then gives folk a lesson in navigation and leading from the front

Chaleco - one for the future along with that lad Kurt Casselli - hes got mega pace and when hes got the nav side of things boxed hes a Dakar winner for sure

David Casteu - new hero for me - never known a guy smile as much as him - proper role model for young racers

Pyn/Pavey/Boundsy/Watt/Tim/Manuel/Luis and theRace to Recovery blokes - humbling. Well done chaps - infact well done to everyone who finished

RIP Thomas Bourgin

And as for Team F5:

What a great bunch of folks! Very little in the way of nastiness and arguing all thrugh the race. Some great and knowledgeable folks openly sharing their past experiences and answering dumb ass questions from me mostly

Misc's dakar tracker is epic and the bloke is a legend for giving up his time and putting so much effort in to it

RallyRadio - ditto - amazing to get the calls coming in and to experience the riders feelings

What I learnt:

those stupid hats have a name - and a flatbiller is a derogatory term
i hate darts and snooker
Brodo's maths is shit
everything that happens in the Dakar can have a gate at the end of it
Carlton Kirby is a good bloke but still gets muddled
France TV is greater than any other TV for 2 weeks in january
Eurosport blows
Maray is a headfuck when they get into full flow
I need an ipad for next years event

Laters guys - its been a pleasure, I'm hooked

Not long to go now

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