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Hey Fellas,

More help needed. My desire to light the entire bike with LED's is so I can take advantage of my heated vest/gloves on cold days. I want to reduce the watt usage as much possible; so my plan was to install the DDM headlight kit (new, correct bulb on the way), LED taillight bulb which is working perfectly, and then replacing all the standard bulbs in the turn signals with LED's as well.

I bought and installed replacement LED bulbs for the original turn signal stalks, and also bought an LED specific flasher relay which I also installed to correct the blink rate on the LED turn signals. Here is the relay I bought and installed, as well as the LED bulbs:

Well, upon installing the LED's in the turn signals, and the the LED flasher relay; my DR650 is basically giving me the bird...!

Upon turning the ignition ON and attempting to activate the turn signals in either direction, both the REAR signals simply light up and stay continuously on. No flashing. Then I tried removing the bulb from the idiot light cluster next to the speedo, and things got just a tad better. With the indicator bulb removed, the rear lights will flash in the desired direction, but ONLY the rear turn signals work.

I am a pretty good mechanic, but electrical stuff is like a black art to me. I understand electrical stuff about as well as I understand Chinese writing.

Help appreciated...!

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