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Originally Posted by chapramsey View Post
Hi all,

I am new to the forum, and new to ATM bikes. I am a dual-sport rider, I have 2 BMW R100GSes and a KLR 650.

I have just ridden a 2008 990 Adventure that is for sale, used....6,600 miles, no damage noted...with Happy-Trails bags on it. Asking is $9,900. (from a dealer)

I know very little about KTMs, but really enjoyed my ride on this bike. It was fast, easy to handle, etc.

1) I know nothing of the used bike market, any idea if this is a good price?

2) reliability....knowing nothing of the KTM brand, are they reliable?

3) are there any significant changes since '08 that I would want to know about? ie gas tank size, engine, stuff, etc...?

Thanks in advance for your help.

1) Kelly Blue Book ( has it listed at $8,695 for my zip code. For that price it better come with some add ons. ESPECIALLY with the new 1190 Adventure coming out. I think I paid $12,000 for mine new.

2) Yes. If you don't abuse them they're a fantastic bike.

3) No, not really. The newer R model is supposed to be faster blah blah blah but in the end it's the same engine, the same frame, just different graphics and a different dash. Nothing major to my knowledge.

From the dealer I, personally, wouldn't pay over $9,000. The bags may be good but they're not $1300 good. That's more than I paid for my brand new Jesse bags, and Gobi bags new aren't over $1000.
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