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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
In hot weather, a jersey over top of a pressure suit is awesome to ride in. I disagree with danjal. Most crashes on the street - that gear will make a difference in - involve skidding, and the plastic armor of a pressure suit is well suited to skidding. Compare it to hard armor in your typical street gear, and I think it's more stout. I have no problem wearing one on the street and feeling comfortable.
I'll take my textile jacket over my pressure suit on the street any day of the week. The pressure suit has good armor, but all the spots in between are just mesh. My Alpinestars jacket has armor and padding in all the same spots as my Fox pressure suit, but then it also has a nice thick layer of abrasion resistant material over the whole thing. I can think of a lot of places on my upper body that would be ground off in a street crash with the pressure suit.

It's better than nothing, but I think a good textile jacket is the best option for street riding. A pressure suit is a good compromise, but I am almost thinking of replacing mine with a regular chest protector this summer just because they are so damn hot on slow moving trails.
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